Mom’s Utility Vest/ Adventure Travel Vest

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  • ... bathing suit and towel in the back
  • Ideal cyclers vest, perfect for a library trip with books in the back
  • Side view, with diaper bag contents in the back, all fits in easily. See the video demo
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Mom’s Utility Vest/ Adventure Travel Vest

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…bathing suit and towel easily fit in the back pockets

The Mom’s Utility Vest: loads of pockets designed to hold the contents of a diaper bag and a purse OR best hiking gear of all time, replace the backpack for the perfect day hike, ideal for biking and the ultimate travel vest!

Sizing and Care

Product Description

No more bags!Leave the bags behind! The Mom’s Utility Vest is perfect for a day out with your kids; with pockets designed to hold all you need from the diaper bag and your purse.  Your hands are free for more important things. Of course it’s totally useful far beyond the diaper stage… rain-jackets, sweater, wipes, iPad, books, maps… loads can fit in those back pockets. Watch our videos for ideas. The Mom’s Utility Vest is better for your back, neck and shoulders; more convenient and easier and fashionable with colors and fabric we love to wear. The Mom’s Utility Vest is a perfect travel vest even without kids; like having a free carry-on bag. It works perfectly with the ERGObaby, BabyBjorn and other popular baby carriers. Mom’s Utility Vest; perfect for days out with your kids helping you be the parent you want to be.

“With a flattering V-neckline, a full front zip and 2 insulated drink pockets, the Mom’s Utility Vest truly combines functionality with style. This vest is made of a soft, breathable fabric that won’t weigh you down in the summer heat and fits comfortably over your favorite sweater when it’s chilly. It looks great over jeans or leggings, and is a staple wardrobe essential this season for busy moms everywhere!”

“… And, this vest is the ultimate hiking aid: a multi-pocketed vest to replace the back pack. Great for a day hike with much more convenient access your camera, water, snacks…everything you need easily found around your body. Pockets were designed with a chiropractor to ergonomically distribute weight. Two insulated pockets to keep drinks cool, pockets in the front and back with room for maps, bug spray, sunscreen, rain jacket, camera, phone, sunglasses, compass, lunch, toothpicks, GPS, water purifier, knife, lighter, signal mirror, emergency whistle, hat, gloves, lip balm, wipes, TP, 1st Aid… even plant ID books sand magnifying glass… whatever you need on your day hike in addition to secure pockets on the inner flaps to securely hold valuables”

Sophie O. in Boston says “I just love my Mom’s Utility Vest! It’s much easier to get out of the house with my daughter. She’s just 3 and wants to walk everywhere. With the Mom’s Utility Vest I can hold her hand, stop to play, push her on the swings and have everything she needs right with me, easy to get to. I love the insulated pockets where I keep her drinks and my water cold, and it’s perfect for the EpiPen I need to have with me at all times. I feel confident leaving the house for a day with my pockets filled and knowing I have everything I need. I’m 7 months pregnant now and love the belt feature because I’m getting too big to zip it up and I like that the sides don’t flap around. I am a Mom’s Utility Vest convert and I can tell you, it’s the best Mom gear I’ve ever been given!”

What Moms are Saying

“My son is almost three and he’s at the age where I don’t need or want to carry around a big, bulky diaper bag. The Mom’s Utility Vest works perfectly for me. I can carry around snacks, his little car toys, and put my own personal things like keys, cell phone, credit cards, etc. in other pockets. I love not having to tote around the diaper bag or my purse.”

“I really love the look of this vest. When I’m wearing it I don’t feel like it points me out as a mom. It’s stylish, something that even my friends who have older kids or don’t even have kids at all would wear.”

“This vest is really nice to put things in that you don’t want to leave in a stroller at the playground, the mall, a park and so forth. Sometimes I leave the diaper bag in the stroller after I park it but always worry that someone is going to steal something. With this vest I can literally wear everything so there’s no need for a bag – my possessions are safer, and so are my children since my hands are free.”

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